Project Fi

Partnering with Google to redefine the wireless category

Project Fi is a program to deliver a fast, easy wireless experience in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and our users.

With Project Fi, Google wanted to rethink the way we connect. When you look at the devices we use today, there has been tremendous amounts of innovation both in hardware and software and this has transformed how we live our lives.

But the way our devices connect to networks and how mobile networks operate haven’t kept up. They’re unreliable, inefficient and expensive. Google wanted to reimagine a better wireless experience with faster connections, more coverage and fairer pricing. And building it all from the ground up with the user experience in mind.

For B­-Reel this was an intense 18­ month collaboration with Google’s product and product marketing teams. Working in lockstep from initial inspiration, to vision and product design, all the way to product launch. To us the project was a true partnership with the teams at Google, so we were ready for whatever came our way.

The project started with a sprint to bring the ideas of the product to life. We worked closely with product and marketing teams to highlight Project Fi’s true potential to inspire the whole team at Google.

A million different things go into building a wireless product. One of the most important, but often overlooked elements is how it feels to use to the end user. 

In a category known for complicated pricing models and contracts, Project Fi's goal was to 
create something different. We worked closely with Google’s internal UX teams to rethink and engineer the early access signup and check­out flows, simplifying and making it as fast and easy as possible.

Project Fi introduces a new type of wireless service in a crowded category not known for its friendliness, so a big part of our job was to establish a product positioning that could communicate this new way of thinking in a easy and understandable way. We collaborated closely with the product marketing team to develop a launch strategy and created all the marketing materials to support it.

WIth Project Fi,  hardware and software partners came together to create something new. We wanted the brand itself to reflect this thought, and this idea became the conceptual jumping off point for our explorations.


Through close collaboration with the product and marketing teams we designed a unique and fresh mark that’s built upon the values and origins of the product. 

We wanted Project Fi’s site to be easy and fast to digest on the go and in a variety of screen sizes. Animation was used to break down Project Fi’s key new concepts into entertaining, informative sequences.

And to introduce Project Fi to the world we created a brand film, based purely on typography and the design direction of the brand and the product itself.

Project Fi is a highly technical product, so we worked closely with the engineering team to bring the technical stories behind Project Fi to life. We interviewed the engineers and project leads behind many of the features and made a series of films that highlight the unconventional approaches the team took to make Project Fi a reality.

For the launch we created a fun easter egg with the example phone number which appeared through our examples and films. If you called the number you encountered something unexpected... The easter egg created great buzz during launch and made the news of the product spread even further.

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