MTV Bump

Connecting the instant self-expression of the internet with broadcast TV.

MTV is arguably the most iconic and ground-breaking television network for young people around the world. But in the age of the Internet (and its two-way, instantaneous communication), TV networks can be seen as relatively stagnant. MTV came to us with a challenge - help them reinvigorate the channel’s entire viewing experience through a global rebrand. We started by looking at MTV’s audience: expressive creators with plenty to say. We realized that if we wanted to breathe new life into MTV, we should turn over control of the channel to the viewers themselves. This insight turned our focus towards one of their most loved elements - the MTV Ident.
Thus, MTV Bump was born. We built a responsive, web-based platform featuring various tools to create Idents or Bumps: 5-15 second interstitial TV promos. The first tool available at launch, Uploader, allows users to submit their Vines and Instagram videos for on-air play.

The platform connects to a global CMS where each market can select and approve their own content. A custom renderer then feeds the content directly into the MTV broadcast system. A user’s submission can go from the web to on-air in less than two hours, allowing MTV to engage in an almost real-time conversation with their audience.

MTV also asked us to create a broadcast spot to launch the platform. From concept to completion we produced a 30 second commercial and various cutdowns entirely in house in less than 4 weeks.
MTV Bump introduces the future of television to a global audience. A fast, irreverent and relevant conversation fueled by the creativity and self-expression of it’s viewers.
MTV Bump is an ever-evolving platform. As the audience evolves in their expression, we respond with a new way to harness that statement and put it on air.  In the coming phases of MTV Bump, look out for tools that incorporate real-time input to create compositional graphics, personal status updates and music-driven meme mashups. Each tool encourages a different level of participation, tapping into various types of viewers.
MTV Bump. Make stuff. Get it on air. Take control of MTV.

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