Google | Making Material Design

Behind the scenes with Google's new design system

Software is something we touch hundreds of times a day, but it often isn’t given the aesthetic consideration it deserves. Google set out to change that with a new design language that would refine the look of digital products and make them simpler and more magical to use. The result is Material Design.

We partnered with the Material Design team to tell the story of its creation through a series of short documentaries. Shot in Google’s design centers in Mountain View and New York City, we captured the nuances of this sophisticated new system as well as the personalities behind it.

Initially, we were asked to create a single film, but we captured so much great footage that the team asked us to produce three additional installments that dive deeper into elements of the system.

Refining Roboto
Crafting Material
Smart Paper
We delved into our subjects’ work spaces, sketches, paper prototypes and inspiration to reveal key aspects of the creation of Material Design. Then, in post-production, we layered in archival footage and animation, illuminating what would normally be undocumented moments.

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