Spotify Moments

Say hello to the most entertaining Spotify ever

We partnered up with Spotify to help them launch their all-new product to the world. A brand new Spotify that understands how music fits into your life and brings you the stuff you love when you need it most. 

The campaign introduced a new long-term brand personality and visual language for film and photography that is closer; more personal and less curated. A personality to match the uniqueness of the new Spotify product.

The campaign relied solely on earned media and consisted of a live streamed presentation by Spotify founder Daniel Ek, online films and content for PR and social media.

Magnus Härdner and Olof Lindh directed the films.

Spotify Now: playlists for every moment of the day that learn what you like and adapt over time to fit your taste and mood.
Spotify Shows: the best entertainment the world can provide

Spotify Running: will detect your running tempo, matching the perfect music in time to your step.

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