A wintry WebGL experiment.

Launch Flakes

For our 2014 holiday project, B-Reel created Flakes, a wintry WebGL experiment that combines animation and sound to create 3D snowflakes.

Visitors to the desktop site can build their flake by simply typing on their keyboard. Each key triggers a different musical element and animation. On mobile, visitors can build their flake by simply shaking their device. They can then share a custom image and a unique link that replays the creation of each flake.

We began by prototyping ways to generate snowflakes based on randomly drawing simple shapes into a 6 pointed object in WebGL.
We wanted to design a tangible object that we could get the most of in a 3D space keeping in mind that this object will be processed and generated by the user in an infinite amount of combinations.

To ensure the generated flakes maintain the look and variety of the design, we built a very simple interface that allowed the designer to go in and match shapes, sounds and animations to keys.Using this streamlined process, we were able to perfect the visuals of the flake in real time. 

Flakes was built using the popular ThreeJS library for WebGL and makes use of the built in isometric camera to produce the unique perspective of the 3d snowflake.

Sound design was created by our friends at Plan8 and balances ethereal atmospheres with elements that give our musical world the same weight as the flakes themselves.

Flakes is a perfect example of how B-Reel’s multidisciplinary teams work together in parallel to meld thoughtful concepts, design and cutting edge development techniques. 

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