Facebook - News Feed

A simple, helpful, human way to talk about a sophisticated technology.

News Feed is the front door to the Facebook experience. It’s unique to you and shows you the most important stories based on your friends and interests. No two are alike.

Unfortunately, there was still confusion about what News Feed could do.
People needed help understanding the different ways to control what they saw in their News Feed to get the most out of their experience.

The result was a series of films that lived within News Feed. Each film subtly focused on Facebook use cases, while showing tips and tricks for how News Feed worked, what it could do and how to do it.

People are their News Feeds – their friends, passions and interests – so we cast real people who share how they use News Feed in their real lives.

During the campaign, videos were viewed over 103 million times and tracking results were 10 times
higher than anticipated.

Some of the highlighted features saw increased usage by 30% and the Facebook brand saw increased
positive sentiment.

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