Spotify Amsterdam Dance Event

During the Amsterdam Dance Event, the world’s biggest club festival, we teamed up with Spotify to showcase their great dance music catalogue in an innovative and personalized way. The idea is simple: Give us your favorite song and get an ADE playlist back.

With help from Echo Nest, a massive music discovery service, we analyse the song submitted by the user to find matching songs based on a set of different parameters. The matching songs are presented to the user in the form of a playlist that is generated using Spotify’s API. The experience was showcased through several platforms; a web app, a desktop version driving people to the mobile app and two large LED displays in the ADE festival area.
In March 2014, Spotify gave us a brief to promote the new Mobile Free Tier and the new product interface. They also wanted to reintroduce the mobile product back into the people’s hearts in an new and engaging way. Spotify wanted to get people listening to more music on Spotify on their mobiles. In close collaboration with Spotify and The Echo Nest, we created a web app. The idea is simple: choose a song and we generate playlist with 15 similar songs to listen to in Spotify tailored to the user. In this way we both showcase the fantastic music catalogue, as well as encourage users to open Spotify on their mobile devices.

Other collaborations with Spotify 

Spotify Sounds Like
In summer of 2014, Spotify asked us to create a campaign promoting the Mobile Free Tier. Together with Spotify we created Sounds Like, a campaign that travelled around the UK in July, August and September to many locations including beaches, parks during key events, airports, amusement parks and summer hubs.

Spotify Student  
In September and October, we once again teamed up with the Spotify team to create a student campaign in the UK. The campaign travelled around in 20 different university locations, such as Liverpool, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Spotify Nike Women’s Half Marathon
During Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, B-Reel teamed up with Spotify once more to create a campaign, where the playlists created were based on the BPM of the submitted song to encourage runners in their performance.

Spotify Vodafone 1984G Street in Covent Garden
In beginning of January 2015, Spotify teamed up with Vodafone to create a street of pop-up stores in Covent Garden to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UK’s first ever mobile phone call. Once again, B-Reel created a campaign based on the original Sounds Like idea to fit Spotify’s pop-up store.   

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