Android Wear Watch Face Collections


For the launch of the Watch Face API for Android Wear we worked with four wildly different collaborators to design and build four watch faces, showcasing the devices as well as the ability for anyone to make their own.

Working in a new form factor presented a lot of possibilities to try out, and of course sensible boundaries to define. Together, we came up with four unique approaches.
Hugh Turvey creates X-ray art, or Xograms, of the unusual and everyday. His work touches on science, graphic design and art while always delivering a striking aesthetic.

We brainstormed several ideas together but settled on exploring kaleidoscopic interpretations of Hugh’s work, an effect he has used in several previous pieces. This gave us a great base to explore dynamic animations and feature many different X-ray photographs, one for each hour of the day.

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The Hundreds is a global apparel and media brand, recognized for its prolific design and unique graphic patterns.

We met The Hundreds team with the suggestion of focusing on their distinctive pattern designs, an idea that was received well. Bobby Hundreds then brought his own handwriting into the mix, giving the watch faces a personal feel. We produced an array of user-selectable designs around this theme.

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Craig Ward, Creative Director of Fatale, is globally known for his pioneering typographic work under the Words Are Pictures moniker. We couldn’t wait to experiment in taking his process-driven style into a brand new digital medium.

Taking inspiration from sundials, the face uses shadows, light and tone along with custom designed numerals to reveal the time, transitioning from day to night over 24 hours.

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Medicom Toy are the creators of the popular BE@RBRICK art toys. Since 2001, they have collaborated with various artists, brands, companies, characters… and now, B-Reel.

This watch face lights up with the familiar ‘at sign’, making for a playful and bright design that animates as you tilt your arm. You can even shake your wrist and a BE@RBRICK will pop up to notify you of the date.

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It’s always a challenge to know how far you can push creative concepts when working with new technologies. For this project we paid close attention to how a person uses the watch to find what areas we could push from a technical standpoint. We wanted to take the best ideas from each collaborator and make the best use of technology for the concept at hand. With limited processor power and battery life we managed to execute the concept in both the ambient mode and the more elaborate interactive mode.
As well as the four watch faces we produced, we also worked on promotional materials for several other watch face designs from a variety of partners and collaborators.

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