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Most people don’t realize the value of a calendar in their daily lives. Life is so much more full, dynamic, and wonderful than our calendars might suggest. Until now, there just hasn’t been a calendar that can keep up with us. Enter Google Calendar - the new and improved overhaul of the existing Google Calendar app. 

We were lucky enough to work together with the team at Google over the past year on the new Google Calendar launch. We kicked off with product positioning, brand development, and initial icon explorations. Finally we collaborated on the marketing materials for launch. The results are a delightful product introduction film and website.

Positioning and branding

Before design began we collaborated with the team at Google on thinking through the brand strategy and positioning of the app.

We also took part in joint icon explorations with the Calendar designers. The final icon was created by the talented group at Google.

The site

Since the Google Calendar app follows Google's new visual language 'Material Design', we based the design of the marketing site on it as well. 

The site is built responsively and the sections outline the three core features of the product. 

Each section's UI tells a mini-story when paired with its background. The environmental films in the backgrounds are designed to mimic the visual event chips in the product.

The film

B-Reel's Magnus Härdner directed our playful and punchy product introduction film. 

The goal of the film is to get people excited about the new Google Calendar.

We designed the film to showcase product features and UI interactions in a clear, visual manner.

The rhythm and tone of the script provide a great opportunity to shift backgrounds on certain beats. We use these scenes to tell mini-stories within the larger one, thematically linking the consecutive backgrounds within each feature-based stanza.


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