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Email amazed us when it was first invented. In just a click, we could send a note to anyone. The world was made smaller and our connections grew stronger. And then our digital lives exploded. But email hasn’t really kept up. It’s still, for the most part, the same experience we had 15 years ago.  

The thing is, our inboxes hold so much more than email now. They are the crazy, chaotic key to our lives – concert tickets, birthday party invitations, travel itineraries, contact info. Because of this our inboxes can often feel overwhelming. And for many of us email has become a chore.

That's where Inbox comes in. Inbox is made by the same people who brought you Gmail. But it's a completely different type of inbox that works for you. (And it's pretty awesome in our opinion.)

We are super excited to say that we collaborated with the team at Google on the launch of Inbox. Over the past year we worked together on the product positioning, brand development, and initial icon explorations. Finally, for the marketing launch we created an anthemic introduction film and shiny new product website.

Positioning and branding
Before design began we collaborated with the team at Google on thinking through the brand strategy and positioning of Inbox.

We then took part in extensive joint icon explorations. The final icon was created by the talented designers at Google.

The site

Inbox is one of the first Google products to be born completely out of Google’s new visual language 'Material Design' so we wanted the website to reflect that as strongly as possible.

The site translates the Inbox experience into a single scrolling story and shows off the four hero features via HTML and CSS recreations of the interface.

The film
To coincide with Inbox’s announcement, we created a film that introduces it to the world. Inbox is the biggest rethink of email since Gmail, and it’s a big step for the Gmail team, too. The film’s story is housed in an email from the team at Gmail, to everyone. It describes the role that email plays in our lives today and shows Inbox’s unique benefits that help you get things done and get back to life.

Directed by our very own, Jon+Torey, we shot across LA and NY. We wanted the film to maintain energy all the way through while portraying the spirit of the product at a meta level. Once Inbox is introduced in the film, the tempo and technique begin to pick-up and mirror the way the product works in your life.

We're super thankful to have been a part of this with Google. Inbox is completely different. Its intuitive, beautiful, and honestly just works. Having had the chance to use it over the past few months, we can't wait for the rest of the world to try it! We're super excited to help share Inbox with everyone.


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