Kick with Chrome

A mobile Chrome Experiment

Together with Google we created three mobile-first games that were launched just in time for the World Cup. Kick with Chrome is a browser-based game experience built on the mobile web.

The experiment is made up of 3 games that each have their own unique twist on soccer. The user can select their country and play together with up to 4 friends at the same time in a range of different ways by just using their mobile device, as well as connecting their desktop computer for a enhanced gaming experience. By signing in with Google, the users experience becomes more personalized and their scores are saved to a leaderboard.

In Infinite Dribble, you use the accelerometer on your mobile device to steer the ball down the field and avoid approaching defenders. Rollover power-ups for special features like extra life, mini-ball and jumps.
In Space Kick, you are set out to kick the soccer ball into space. Create a platform for the shoe by dragging your finger across the screen and watch out for obstacles such as birds, planets and UFOs.
For Shootout, we created a classic penalty kick scenario where you try to score by flicking the ball on your mobile device towards the goal. You can bend the ball to increase your chances to score. When playing mobile-to-mobile, there is a turn-based approach letting you switch between controlling the shooter and the goalie.
Despite the simplistic nature of the games and slick interface, the experience required a complex build considering all the different setups and scenarios. The site was also localized to 32 languages.  

Developing fun and addicting games for the mobile browser has definitely come a long way. With HTML5 and all the available APIs, it’s possible to create complex, multiplayer game experiences with a native feel, running in the browser, which makes it even more accessible than having to download an app.

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