Milan Design Week 2014 Installation

Every year Samsung hosts a space at Milan Design Week (Fuori Salone). For their 2014 exhibit we were invited by Cheil Worldwide to create an installation. “Flows: Journey to the Future” celebrates the brand's dedication to design and innovation.

We envisaged an exposed structure intertwining Samsung products with light, digital content and sound to represent a journey from the present into an artistic presentation of the unwritten future.

Our construction partners Fraser Randall worked closely with us to translate our vision into technical drawings and create this 21m long and 4m high structure, which transformed the exhibition space into a fully immersive piece of art.

The installation comprises three main sections:


Five different products from Samsung's home appliances range are deconstructed, revealing the hidden design innovations within familiar objects. From the big ideas down to humblest parts, together they harmoniously highlight the enduring quality of Samsung design.


The various elements become a motion piece displayed across multiple screens, turning and intertwining as they merge and dissolve into a stream of uniform particles, a flow of consciousness. This represents the progression of technology, knowledge, and ideas and how we combine these things to evolve and create the solutions for tomorrow.


The culmination of the installation in the ‘future’ is an expression of Samsung's ability to challenge limitations, experiment and shift our perception of possibility, but tempered with a playful human touch. Visitors are invited to interact with the stream of consciousness and shape the streams with their hands using Leap Motion controllers. By playfully waving their hands in the air, images are revealed from within the particle stream.

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