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Star Canvas

For our 5 year London office anniversary we created an interactive guestbook in the form of a giant star chart.

Built to work with the Leap Motion device, users were invited to take control and explore our installation. Needing only hand gestures they could rotate the sky, point at a specific constellation to zoom in for a closer look and with a clap of the hands navigate to a random star cluster.

Created in WebGL, we used real star data and classical illustrations for an authentic flavour. To finish it we constructed a 9ft half dome to really make an impact.

We felt it was important to make the experience more personal, so we replaced some of the classic celestial interpretations with whimsical takes on our own projects. We also invited our guests to draw their very own constellation. Built in canvas, users could draw, name their creation and leave us a short message on a tablet before submitting it as a shooting star, where it would join the others.

We also created an immersive sound engine for the installation using Pure Data. Each of the interactions triggered various musical notes, making the whole installation one giant synthesizer.

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