Pegman Relaunch

Google Maps Pegman

Pegman has been guiding users through Google Street View since it's launch in 2007. Google Maps asked B-Reel to collaborate on redesigning him and reintroducing him into the product.

The redesign provided an opportunity to align Pegman more closely with current Google aesthetics. In considering Pegman's role as an ambassador for the brand, It was important that he feel strong as an icon as well as a UI element.

We adjusted his proportions to help his readability at small sizes in the product and while making him feel a bit more personable. We decided to keep the triangle on his chest which has become one of his identifiable characteristics. 

Pegman has always embodied the playful spirit of the company. In keeping with this we launched a one day social campaign asking users request the costumes or characters they would like Pegman to assume. We designed them in real time and posted them to the Pegman channels while mentioning the user.

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