Google Maps Street View Treks

Journey beyond the road

Street View Treks

A project highlighting Google Street View's ongoing effort to map the most remote and stunning regions of the globe.

From time to time Google will ask us to dream up some new and exciting project ideas. The idea for treks came out of one of the those brainstorms. We have always been big admirers of the minds behind Google Street View and we thought it was time to share the amazing work going into Google’s efforts to map the entire globe. We wanted to show Google’s journey as well as the things that make each location unique and worth sharing with the world.
The site launched with the stories of 10 locations but will continue to grow as new destinations are captured. We created a modular grid system which allows the front page of the project to grow indefinitely.
Getting the people and technology to some of the most remote corners of the globe is no easy task. Each location took meticulous planning and research. We researched the most significant cultural and geographic locations of each trek and worked with organizations and local experts in the area to gain access to locations few people are able to go.

Each story is composed of a series of modules that help tell the story of each location. We were looking for opportunities to use interactivity to enhance the experience. We designed elements to reveal and videos to play simple once the scrolls to them.

We included the product wherever we could and built an interactive audio tour module which combines the Street View product with audio about the environment.

In addition to the interactive modules, each trek also has a unique film telling the story of the location. The film also acts as a behind the scenes to our journey, showing the triumphs and sometimes the difficulties encountered.

We are proud of the project’s ability to give a thorough introduction to these stunning locations and shed some light on the people behind street view. We are continuing to work with Google to bring even more locations to the project and are excited to share even more adventures.

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