Concept and redesign of new e-commerce solution

"It is my deep desire to create a universe where everything is at the same level". -Tomas Maier, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta is a name synonymous with luxury. To create a cross-platform e-commerce solution worthy of the exquisite products this brand offers we designed a strategy that focused on customizing and adapting the brand’s cornerstones to a digital environment where interface, performance and screen resolutions were as important as the craftsmanship, quality and design of the products. 

After weeks of research, our experts from both UX and Visual Design discovered that every Bottega Veneta item has a unique story. From Tomas Maier's first thoughts, to his first sketch, the choice of color, the artisan, the craftsmanship, the final product, the ads and finally the product in the fashions show. We decided to invite the user deeper into the stories behind the items.

We developed UX and Design templates allowing multi-directional scrolling providing customers with detailed information about the products.

Creating a long page for each section allows the users to explore content while remaining adaptable to the brand's need for frequent product additions and updates. 

Visually, we wanted the new site to accentuate the outstanding quality and design of the Bottega Veneta products. Our goal was to make the user feel the crocodile leather and see the structure in the linen cord. Taking inspiration from Bottega Veneta's own catalogues we created sophisticated layouts in thematic colors reflective of the different collections.

We paid extra attention to the most vital but often overlooked element of online shopping - the checkout. A decluttered, seamless 2-step process allows the user to complete an order. 
Further, personal assistance is easily accessible from any page on the site, curating a luxury boutique experience from the comfort of home. 
 This combination of ease of use, high-end, polished product display and accessible personal guidance is what turns a regular shopping experience into a luxury shopping experience. 

Working with Yoox to ensure e-commerce best practices and developing for use on any device we were able to create a highly-accessible, opulent digital experience for the Bottega Veneta customer.

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